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SAIO 50 for 50: Anthony Marquez

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Anthony Marquez

Anthony Marquez

Marquez (Diné, Chihene Nde) is a Senior Security Architect on Electronic Arts’s (EA) Secure Platform Engineering and Anti-cheat Response team. Marquez works closely with EA game units and technology departments to design and implement strategies to secure games and supporting platforms for EA’s more than 300 million registered players worldwide. Prior to EA, Marquez was the third technical team member hired at Praetorian, then a small cybersecurity startup. He made key contributions in transforming Praetorian into the company that raised $10M from McKinsey & Company in 2020, such as authoring Praetorian’s first patent. Marquez also worked at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, a Department of Energy laboratory, contributing to a variety of projects to strengthen national security.

Marquez served in numerous leadership roles for Stanford’s Indigenous student community, including as American Indian Science and Engineering Society President, Diné Club President, Native Graduate Student Mentoring and Tutoring nights Co-Founder, Stanford American Indian Organization Officer, Native American Program Office staff, and Muwekma Tah-Ruk Resident Assistant. Marquez was also a recipient of the Anne Ninham Medicine Mentorship Award.

Marquez is the proud father of a daughter and is expecting a son in December 2020. In addition to his Stanford degrees, Marquez holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. 

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