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Stanford's Virtual Admit Weekend (SAW)

Apr 25 2020

We are so excited to welcome the 2020 Admits to the Stanford Native Community!

We have our list of events that we are hosting for Admit Weekend below, with a combined Community Centers' Student Panel on Saturday, a large NACC Welcome this Sunday, April 26, and more specialized conversations over the next  few days:

Community Centers' Student Panel
4-5pm PST, Saturday, April 25

NACC Welcome/Open House
3-4pm PST, Sunday, April 26

Stanford's Native Post-SAW Virtual Conversations
April 27-29 
Living in the Native Theme House
 5pm PST, Monday, April 27
Get involved in the 50th Annual Stanford Powwow
 6pm PST, Monday, April 27
Stanford's Native Language Classes
 5pm PST, Tuesday, April 28
Native Hawaiian Storytelling, Land & Sovereignty Class
 6pm PST, Tuesday, April 28
NACC Staff & Native Families
 5pm PST, Wednesday, April 29
Stanford American Indian Organizations
 6pm PST, Wednesday, April 29