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Environment, Indigenous Cultures and Land Rights in the Amazon

Photos: José Manuel Vieira Fragoso. Copyright. All Rights Reserved.
May 24 2017

This past May 24-26, 2017, a diverse group of Amazonian indigenous leaders gathered to share and discuss their collective experience and wisdom about sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, cultural and spiritual vitality, language preservation, human rights and sovereignty. Six indigenous leaders from the Tiriyo, Xavante, Makushi, Shuar and Kaxinawa Peoples of the Amazon region of Brazil, Guyana and Ecuador discussed how environmental concerns, biodiversity conservation, climate change and natural resource use intersect with indigenous culture, spirituality, development, politics and land rights. Dr. Robert Miller, a Brazilian representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP-GEF) with over 25 years experience working with indigenous Amazonians also took part in the discussions. Click here for more information.