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Stanford's Native Community Newsletter


* Click on the image to access the most recent, high-quality publication of ComingVoice.
*Click on the image to access the most recent publication of ComingVoice*

ComingVoice is the official newsletter of the Native Community at Stanford University. Initiated by Stanford alumna Nyleta Belgarde (and named for her grandfather), ComingVoice has been in nearly continuous production since 1989.   It was designed to be a stronger more unified voice--our voice, our expressions--and a storyteller like Nyleta's grandfather. ComingVoice is the voice of coming events at Stanford.  

The Stanford Native Community has published other newsletters-- Humming Arrows, Camp Crier and Smoke Signals--dating back to 1970 when the Stanford American Indian Organization was formed. Past editions of this publication are available in PDF format by clicking on the links below.  Hard copies of ComingVoice are available in the Native American Cultural Center/American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Program Office.